Tuesday 30 October 2012

Photos from Legion Show

Sunday was a very interesting day, as for various reasons I ended up at the show doing the game on my own! Luckily there were several people who joined in during the day so I was able to give the rules a bit of a playtest, and make some amendments. Everyone who played the game said how much they enjoyed the rules and that they gave a really fun game whilst being reasonably realistic. At one point we changed history too, as Keith Park (flying a Bristol F2b) shot down Herman Goering (flying an Albatros DVa) in flames! This lead to a bit of debate over who might have become head of the Luftwaffe in WW2.....

Legion isn't a big show, there were about a dozen or so games and a few traders (but very good ones!) I did manage to pick up a copy of "The tanks at Flers" for under a tenner, which was a bargain! The lighting isn't great in the leisure centre, so the photos below are a bit on the dark side, especially as I had to resort to a brown cloth to cover the table (no prizes for best scenery this time then!).

I was using our new style aircraft bases, made from magnetic pointers - they worked a treat!

Triplanes head in to the attack
Several Albatros DIII's
A Triplane vs Triplane dogfight develops - and a Sopwith Pup gets involved too!


  1. Looking great! Need any beta testers?

  2. Hi Sander thanks, that's not a bad idea! Will we see you at Crisis on Saturday?

  3. You betcha! Try to keep me away! Want to see mes enfants in action mate!