Tuesday 9 October 2012

Crystal Palace this Sunday

Our next show will be SELWG (South East London Wargames Group) - always known as Selweg - this Sunday at Crystal Palace. We will have Race to the Sea again, which will probably be it's last outing in the UK although we will be taking it to Crisis at Antwerp at the start of November.

We had hoped to have Over by Christmas ready for publication for the SELWG show but unfortunately delays in getting the photos completed for the rules have meant this can't now happen. But with luck it will be ready for Crisis! If you are at SELWG do please stop by and say hello - we will have the final draft of the text for Over by Christmas with us so you can get an early peek at it!

We are of course also planning our show game for next year. It was to have been a Middle East game but we've been drawn (like moths to a light!) to the idea of another early war Western Front game - so watch this space for announcements and photos of construction!

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  1. Cannot make it this year sadly. Have fun!