Thursday 20 September 2012

Thank you, Miniature Wargames!

We have just seen the latest issue (September) of Miniature Wargames - it must have been out a little while now but we've only just got hold of a copy here at CTK HQ. In this issue they have reviewed both Where the Poppies Grow and Tools of Victory, and it is really pleasing to see that they rate the rules as "very highly recommended indeed". They say some very nice things about them, including commenting on the extent of the research and playtesting - and for Tools of Victory are surprised that the Portuguese are on the Western Front!

So, thank you very much MiniWargs!

Tuesday 11 September 2012

More from Colours - new releases

I forgot to say yesterday that there were lots of new releases that I saw at Colours for the WW1 gamer. I have already mentioned the trenches from Early War Miniatures but I also picked up some more of their British Tank MkV, which is the first wargames model of this tank in this scale and very good it is too. I also forgot to mention that along with the trenches EWM do a nice set of trench stores, and that the dugouts really are dugouts with detailing inside and lift off roofs.

Just as interesting are the new figure ranges from Lancer Miniatures. I was very excited to see that they have now released the first figures in a range of Portuguese infantry for the Western Front 1917-18 in the fluted helmet (and so excited that I bought some!!). Excellent figures they are too, as are their French infantry in fez.

I also managed to pick up a set of WW1 pilots and aircrew by Orion. I hadn't seen these figures before but they really are good, very well moulded and some great characters in there (have a look at them on Plastic Soldier Review). Looking forward to adding character to my WW1 planes!

Monday 10 September 2012

Colours 2012 at Newbury

Back now from our weekend at Colours, and as this was our first time at this show I have to say what a great show it was. The venue is excellent, with the Grandstand at Newbury Racecourse being very comfortable and with superb views over the Racecourse. Not that we were looking at that very much of course, we were spending our time talking to all the interesting people who stopped by to say hello!

There was a lot of interest in our game, and we had some enjoyable chats with many gamers as they stopped at our table - so if you were one of those who did, it was great to meet you! There was also a welcome interest in our rules, which was gratifying (!), and particularly in the final draft of "Over by Christmas" which we had with us. Judging by the interest at this show once we publish this (which we hope to do in the next few weeks) it will go like hot cakes!

While at the show I also saw (and bought!) some of the new vacform trenches from Paul at Early War Miniatures. If you haven't seen these yet go to his website and have a look at them, they are really, really good and fantastic value for money.

I took a few photos of the game at the show, which I have posted below.

A British Avro 504 which just happened to stray over French lines!