Friday 10 August 2012

Our next show and work in progress

Our next show will be Colours at Newbury Racecourse on 8th and 9th September. We'll have the Race to the Sea game of course, so if you are at the show do please come along and say hi!

As well as working on finishing off Over by Christmas and starting research for the Middle East supplement, I've been busy here at CTK HQ on some more wargames figures. I'm currently building up my late war French army, mostly using Revell and Pegasus 20mm infantry with artillery by HaT, SHQ, Skytrex and Early War Minatures and the excellent St Chamonds and Schneiders also from EWM. Renault FTs are the HaT ones, and I've recently got a couple more boxes so that I can finish off a battalion for Tools of Victory.

I'm also using some extras by EWM such as their 37mm trench artillery piece (very nice) and their De Dion Bouton 75mm AA guns - a photo of which is below. They don't come with crew (at the moment) so I've used some figures from the HaT French Artillery set to crew them, which seems to do the job quite well.