Sunday 26 April 2015

Yesterday at Salute

We had a great time at Salute playing ZZapp the ZZepp yesterday, and it was good to see all of you who stopped by to say hello and to play the game.

Sorry if we didn't get the chance to chat very much but unfortunately running a participation game with only two people is hectic work! I only had the time to take a few photos before the game started - once the show opened we were running games non-stop until about 4pm so I didn't even get much of a chance to look round the show. That had it's upside though as it meant I didn't spend much either!

Just a few photos of the Zepp, which did really well and managed to stay upright and flying throughout the whole show, and of the two German fighters (an Albatros W4 and a Hansa-Brandenberg, both seaplanes of course!).


Thursday 23 April 2015

Salute 2015

As I may have mentioned before, we are doing a participation game at Salute this year called ZZapp the Zepp. It's (loosely) based on Lt Culley's shooting down of Zeppelin L53 over the North Sea in August 1918, the last Zeppelin to be shot down by British fighters in the War. Players will have to fly their Sopwith Camels (the old Airfix kit which is the correct Camel 2F1 - at last I've found a use for it!) down the board to reach the Zeppelin and try to shoot her down before she gets too high for them. But the Zeppelin is not alone, there are Albatros W4 and Hansa-Brandenberg seaplanes lurking to try to shoot the Camels down!

As usual with our participation games it will be fast and furious (no pun intended - the planes come from HMS Furious!) and hopefully great fun. If you are at Salute on Saturday do stop by and say hello or even have a go! You can't miss our table, a 5 foot long Zeppelin standing half a metre above the table will grab your attention!

I'll try to post some photos after Salute.