Tuesday 24 April 2012

And some photos from 6milPhil

These photos were kindly taken by Phil Page, otherwise known as 6milPhil - thanks Phil! It was good to see you on Saturday.

Sunday 22 April 2012

Sidney to the Rescue!

Having not been able to take any photos myself, I have just been kindly sent some by Sidney Roundwood - many thanks Sidney!

So, here are a few of the game in action!
I'll try to add some more in the next day or so!

Salute 2012

Well we have now finished Salute 2012 and what a great day it was, although very tiring! I didn't get to leave the table from 8 o'clock in the morning when we got there until about 3pm when I did manage to get a quick trip round the show! It was really good to see everyone and our thanks go to all of you who stopped by to say hi (including some friends of yours Sander - but unfortunately I didn't get their names!). We met loads of interesting and friendly people who were very complimentary about our efforts which was nice!

Now those of you who have done show games will know that it is inevitable that something gets forgotten, and so it was yesterday. Unfortunately the "something" was charging my camera battery, so at the moment I have no photos to show you. But I did take some on my phone, and if I can work out how to post those I will! And lots of other people took pictures and I'm going to try to link up to those too.

Friday 20 April 2012

Race to the Sea is almost ready!

We're off to Salute first thing in the morning - leaving home at a time a friend calls "O-dark-early"! The set is just about as finished as we can get it, and will hopefully look really good. No photos of the finished version until we get to Salute I'm afraid - it's kind of a tradition that we never, ever actually see the whole finished version of a set all laid out until we get to the show and do it! In fact this set is the first to properly fit into the shed as it's a 10x6 layout, so fairly small for us!

Anyway for those of you coming along tomorrow (and it's a real shame not to see you there Sander!) do come and find us, we are on table GB23 in the top left hand corner from the main doors.

Monday 9 April 2012

Building Race to the Sea Part Three!

Sorry not to have posted lately but we've been busy since we've been away! As you can see from the pictures most of the painting is done and we've spent today going flocking mad! There's still quite a bit to do but it is looking a lot better than it did before!

The town buildings still need working on too, but that will be taken care of before Salute. Less than two weeks to go and the clock is certainly ticking. But at least we are a lot further forward this year than we usually are!

I'm working hard on the figures too, at least the French Fusiliers Marin battalion are done thanks to the great work by Sander who converted and painted them all for us! The Belgian infantry are coming along and the Germans too. I've still got three batteries of Belgian artillery to finish but we'll get there.