Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Legion Wargames Show

This Sunday (28th Oct) we're going to a small show at the old Pfizer's leisure centre in Sandwich, Kent. Legion is a show now in it's 5th year and is unusual as all the money taken is donated to the Royal British Legion, which is always worth supporting. There are usually a smattering of interesting traders and some even more interesting games!

As we've said previously, SELWG was Race to the Sea's last UK outing, so we won't be taking that to Legion - in any case the 6 x 6 table that we have at Legion wouldn't be anywhere near big enough! Instead we thought that this might be a good occasion to try out our new WW1 air rules, provisionally called "Dogfighting!". They are not finished yet of course, and are still a work in progress, but for those of you who do come to the show we'll be running a small participation game to play test the rules (as far as they have been written!) so please do join in.

I will try to post some pictures of the game after the show. It won't of course be a visual feast like Race to the Sea as this is just a "playtest" but we need to know if our systems work!


  1. Very best of luck, chaps. Participation game? I'll be sure to join in when I see you at one of the shows if there's a space free!

    1. Hi Sidney This is the only show we'll be doing a participation game at, or at least for the next few! It's just that we want to play test the rules and I may well be there on my own! If you are at Legion of course you are very welcome to join in!