Tuesday 11 September 2012

More from Colours - new releases

I forgot to say yesterday that there were lots of new releases that I saw at Colours for the WW1 gamer. I have already mentioned the trenches from Early War Miniatures but I also picked up some more of their British Tank MkV, which is the first wargames model of this tank in this scale and very good it is too. I also forgot to mention that along with the trenches EWM do a nice set of trench stores, and that the dugouts really are dugouts with detailing inside and lift off roofs.

Just as interesting are the new figure ranges from Lancer Miniatures. I was very excited to see that they have now released the first figures in a range of Portuguese infantry for the Western Front 1917-18 in the fluted helmet (and so excited that I bought some!!). Excellent figures they are too, as are their French infantry in fez.

I also managed to pick up a set of WW1 pilots and aircrew by Orion. I hadn't seen these figures before but they really are good, very well moulded and some great characters in there (have a look at them on Plastic Soldier Review). Looking forward to adding character to my WW1 planes!

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