Monday, 10 September 2012

Colours 2012 at Newbury

Back now from our weekend at Colours, and as this was our first time at this show I have to say what a great show it was. The venue is excellent, with the Grandstand at Newbury Racecourse being very comfortable and with superb views over the Racecourse. Not that we were looking at that very much of course, we were spending our time talking to all the interesting people who stopped by to say hello!

There was a lot of interest in our game, and we had some enjoyable chats with many gamers as they stopped at our table - so if you were one of those who did, it was great to meet you! There was also a welcome interest in our rules, which was gratifying (!), and particularly in the final draft of "Over by Christmas" which we had with us. Judging by the interest at this show once we publish this (which we hope to do in the next few weeks) it will go like hot cakes!

While at the show I also saw (and bought!) some of the new vacform trenches from Paul at Early War Miniatures. If you haven't seen these yet go to his website and have a look at them, they are really, really good and fantastic value for money.

I took a few photos of the game at the show, which I have posted below.

A British Avro 504 which just happened to stray over French lines!


  1. great stuff gents! thanks for sharing

  2. The terrain looks stunning!
    Which scale and/or brand is it?


  3. That looks terrific, chaps! I'd have loved to have come by again to have another look at the game, but I couldn't make it to Colours this year. Have you decided what the next Great War table is going to be?

  4. Thanks for the comments chaps. We usually game in 20mm (or 1/72nd) scale as it is now the only scale in which you can get almost everything for WW1 including all the tanks, aircraft etc. The buildings are HO scale model railway from Europe - slightly small but they look ok on the table.

    Sidney - our next supplement after "Over by Christmas" will be for the Middle East, and therefore so will our table for next year!