Sunday 22 July 2012

Home from War and Peace - and more photos!

Home at last from the War and Peace show! It was a very busy show over the 5 days, and we saw and chatted to loads of people. Everyone was very complimentary about the Race to the Sea game, and there were some interesting WW1 re-enactors and vehicles there - as well as some great WW2 and post-war vehicles too!

Here are a few more photos of the game - including some of the Fusiliers Marin for you Sander!

And here is an MMG that was used as a Turkish AA gun - it was for sale but it wasn't cheap!

A couple of Model T Fords - I actually rode in the ambulance (as a passenger, not a patient!) around the showground 2 years ago!

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  1. Ah mes enfants! Merci beaucoup mon cher, pardon my French ;-) Great stuff gents: thanks!