Wednesday 18 July 2012

At the War and Peace show

Well we have spent our first day at the War and Peace show! It was good to see old friends again (hello Jay!) and to have a busy but enjoyable day.

I must admit the photos of the site I had seen before we went this morning were not promising, and for once this year we'd already decided not to camp but to drive in each day, which has proved to be a good call! But we got in, unloaded and out again this morning with no problems at all, thanks to great work by the marshalls and staff at the show. Yes it is very, very, very muddy in places, and more rain isn't helping, but it didn't stop us having a good time today.  It did mean that we couldn't easily get round the trade stalls (good thing, saved some cash!) but I did manage to pick up the new HaT WW1 German wagons, which are lovely!

I'll post some photos of the game once I've taken some, probably tomorrow. I think the MkIV replica tank that was used in War Horse is there, so if I get the chance I'll take some photos of that too and post them here.


  1. Sounds like you were having a great time despite the weather. It is in style to be up to your ankles in mud though isn't it?

    Cheers Sander