Friday 20 April 2012

Race to the Sea is almost ready!

We're off to Salute first thing in the morning - leaving home at a time a friend calls "O-dark-early"! The set is just about as finished as we can get it, and will hopefully look really good. No photos of the finished version until we get to Salute I'm afraid - it's kind of a tradition that we never, ever actually see the whole finished version of a set all laid out until we get to the show and do it! In fact this set is the first to properly fit into the shed as it's a 10x6 layout, so fairly small for us!

Anyway for those of you coming along tomorrow (and it's a real shame not to see you there Sander!) do come and find us, we are on table GB23 in the top left hand corner from the main doors.


  1. If all goes to plan I will be seeing you around 11 o'clock. Looking forward to seeing the finished product!

  2. Cheers Chaps! Have a great time and as they say: we'll always have the pictures afterwards ;-)

    I'll be there in November at the Crisis for sure.