Thursday 19 February 2015

Day trip to the Somme

Ok, firstly I am sorry for not posting for ages! Unfortunately the real world intervened again, but hopefully normal service has now been restored!

I noticed recently that a local coach company was running a series of day trips to various places on the Somme for only £36 a day - this was an opportunity that was too good to miss. The first trip was this Monday, when we went to Pozieres Ridge, the Lochnagar Crater in La Boiselle, "Ocean Villas" tea rooms for lunch, Mametz and Dantzig Alley, Fricourt German cemetery and the Somme Museum in Albert. We still had time for dinner in Amiens too so a very busy day!

The only downside was the weather, which chose that day to be foggy and damp, so the (apparently) excellent views were invisible. Still, we got to "see" quite a bit anyway!

Here are some pictures from the day:

The Tank Corps memorial at Pozieres
Lochnagar Crater.
Original trenches at "Ocean Villas"
German cemetery at Fricourt
In the Somme Museum at Albert


  1. £36 is a great price for the trip. I was involved with excavating the trenches at Ocean Villas, back in 2003.

    1. Thanks, yes it does help to live in Kent as we are near to the Channel! The coach company is Buzzlines, they are doing some excellent trips this year - eg Vimy Ridge for only £30!! And the Somme trip was excellent value and with a knowledgeable guide (whom we realised we had seen before as he is a WW1 medical services re-enactor).

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