Monday 14 July 2014

War and Peace Revival show

Hot on the heels of Battlegroup South comes the War and Peace Revival show at Folkestone Racecourse. The show runs from Wednesday to Sunday this week and proudly claims to be the biggest gathering of re-enactors and military vehicles on the planet. I can't say whether or not that's accurate of course but there are an awful lot of them!
We will be doing our "bit" in the Model Halls underneath the main grandstand, so if you do come to the show - and if you can it is very well worth a visit - do stop by and say hello! There are always lots of WW1 re-enactors there and sometimes some WW1 vehicles too so I will post up any pictures I take when I get back.
This is my annual dose of camping, which is fun (sometimes) and uncomfortable (sometimes) too! Hopefully the sun will shine....But it is well worth it to be on the "inside" after the public have gone, as that's when the fun begins!

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