Friday 11 April 2014

Off to Salute 2014

Just getting ready now to pack the set up for the journey tomorrow morning (at a ridiculously early time of day!) to ExCel in London Docklands for Salute 2014.

We are taking our new game "August, 1914" which is based on part of the Battle of Tannenberg from 26th-30th August 1914. The set is finished (last work on it completed last night) so we are finally ready to go! We are table GM15, on the right hand side of Salute near the seating area, so if you are in the show tomorrow do stop by and say hi!

As ever I will post a report and photos (will try to remember my camera this year and have the batteries charged!) next week.


  1. Well done, chaps! I shall certainly drop by and say hello! Very best of luck!

    Any recommendations on reading material for Tannenberg and the Masurian Lakes would be very welcome (in addition to the excellent, if heavy, Showalter book on "Tannenberg 1914"). Are you planning a Crush the Kaiser supplement for the Eastern Front?

  2. Hi Sidney - yes, see you tomorrow! Showalter is heavy going, but you could try the equally weighty but excellent Tannenberg 1914 by John Sweetman. But for descriptions of the terrain and period "feel" we've really liked August 1914 by Solzhenitsyn.

    In terms of supplements for the other fronts we may in fact do one that will cover most of the other fronts - so it would have a section on special rules for the particular theatre, experience levels and organisations for the relevant armies. No name for it yet though!

    I thought of you the other day - on a WFA trip to France we stopped near the Canal du Nord on the Drocourt-Queant Switch line. That was a game you did wasn't it? Will post photos of the trip, which also included the Newfoundlanders at Monchy le Preux in 1917 - shortly.

  3. Just to say enjoyed the look of your game last weekend. So impressed in fact that I have now dusted off my unpainted 20mm figures and am busy painting away. Regards, Matt