Wednesday 22 May 2013

Pictures from Campaign 2013

We had a really enjoyable two days at Milton Keynes last week, and to those of you who came to see us at the show it was a pleasure to meet you!

As the show is in a shopping centre it is often difficult to tell who is a gamer and who is a member of the "general public". Awards for the daftest comments of the weekend go to one gentleman who, on looking at our game, spent about ten minutes explaining the American Civil War to his wife (ok, one side is in grey and the other in blue but that's as far as it goes!) and to another chap who asked us if our game was set in Vietnam! On the whole though we were very busy chatting to people and answering more sensible questions, and hopefully have done our bit to promote wargaming in general, and wargaming the Great War in particular, to the wider public.

We did get to play the game too, and unfortunately the Germans took a sound thrashing!

As promised here are a few photos from our game at the show.



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