Monday 10 October 2011

Where the Poppies Grow is Out Now!!

Well this is my first post - and first ever blog! - about our new and exciting WW1 wargames rules Crush the Kaiser! This is the overall title of the series, the first volume of which is called Where the Poppies Grow and covers the war on the Western Front 1916-18. Our aim is to eventually cover the whole of the war from14-18 on every front and in the air, as well as the Russian Civil War.

The rules are designed to be fast play and are battalion/brigade level so you can easily and quickly build up forces or use your existing figures. There's no specific figure scale as they are suitable for most - my collection is mainly 20mm and 28mm and the rules work well with both of these but we have also done a game in 10mm and that went really well!

We are just ordinary wargamers with a passion for realistic but playable rule sets and felt there was a gap in WW1 at this level as other sets cover skirmish games or a more strategic, divisional level. By pitching the rules at battalion and brigade (or regimental) level we've been able to bring in some of the best known features of WW1 such as barrage fire, gas, mines and aircraft but still keep the game fun. Yes, WW1 games can be fun, as long as you don't mind losing a figure or two!

We will have a website of our own very shortly but in the meantime you can keep in touch with me through our Crush the Kaiser Facebook page and through this blog, which I'll try to keep up to date as much as I can. The rules will be available from traders at the SELWG wargames show at Crystal Palace London this Sunday (16 October) and from us through email on crushthekaiser[at]

I really hope you like them!


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