Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Pictures from Bovington - watched over by "Royalty"!

We are back now from the Tank Museum at Bovington in Dorset, and what a great weekend it was! The show was excellent, one of the best atmospheres for a show and in a unique venue as all the traders and games are set amongst the tanks in the museum. Our game was positioned just in front of a massive Tiger II or "King Tiger" - hence the royalty! It was good to see everyone who stopped by at our game to say hello (hi Matt!) and to chat about the games.

The other advantage of being in a tank museum was of course the chance to look at the tanks "up close and personal". The First World War Hall has got quite a few tanks including a Mark IV and a Mark V, as well as a Mark II and a Mark V**. Highlight of the weekend for me was the chance to climb inside the Mark IV and sit in the drivers seat. It was interesting to see how small it was inside, and to realise how little they could see of what was going on outside the tank. I took loads of photos of course, and will post a few of them here.

In our game we were using the excellent new vacform trench system by Early War Miniatures:


In the next post I'll include a few pictures of the exhibits in the museum!

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