Tuesday, 9 July 2013

More pictures from Bovington

Here are some photos of WW1 tanks at Bovington. Unfortunately I missed taking pictures of the reproduction A7V that they have at the museum as it had been out at Tankfest the week before and was still in the sheds for cleaning. However, here are a few of their exhibits!

First off, the one that started it all, "Little Willie"
Another "reproduction", the Mark IV used in War Horse:
The Mark V:
And the Mark IV:
An FT17:
And lastly a Whippet:


  1. Interesting that the FT17 is dark grey. I thought the French used a disruptive pattern and the Yanks a brown scheme.

  2. Hi, yes I'd thought that too. But it may be that it was one from somewhere else that the museum has acquired and not repainted - I should have looked at the board and maybe that would have told me!