Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The trench game gets another outing!

We are off to Campaign this coming weekend, which is a wargames show staged over 2 days in the middle of a shopping centre in Milton Keynes! So we thought that it might be best to take the trench game, rather than Race to the Sea, to illustrate the Great War to the general public. We'll have all the usual stuff with it, hordes of aircraft and too many boxes of figures to get in the car and this time I will charge up the battery for my camera! If you are in the Milton Keynes area this weekend, do drop in and say hi!

We won't have the new aircraft stands yet though. I've found a magnetic pointer in a well known retail store in the UK (five letters, last four ESCO) that extends over seven sections and ends up 24 inches long (or high, depending how you look at it!). They were selling at the grand sum of £1.27 each, so I bought 18 of them! Soon you'll see these on the table as we develop our WW1 air rules further.

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