Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Photos from the trench game's last outing!

We really enjoyed Campaign, the 2 day wargames show in a shopping centre in Milton Keynes last weekend - many thanks to Neil and the other organisers at Milton Keynes Wargames Society for putting on such a good show!

The unusual thing about having a wargames show in the middle of a shopping centre is the number of "non-wargamers" - the general public - who stopped to look at the game and to talk to us about it and about the Great War. It was great to talk to so many people and to explain what we were doing, and also to talk to wargamers who appreciated the work that had gone into presenting the game. And the cold tea in the shellholes drew loads of attention again!

This was probably the last outing for the trench game at a waragames show. It will now go into a dignified retirement (in the new wargames shed!) as we concentrate on the Race to the Sea game. We have already started planning our game for 2013 as well!

I took a few photos of the game, with some interesting results as we were in direct natural light from the glass roof:

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