Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Photos from Bovington Tank Museum

We had a great time at Bovington this weekend, and it was good to see and chat to so many people! As with last year we had a great position right in front of the Tiger II, which if you haven't seen one "for real" is unbelievably huge!

Unlike last year the A7V German WW1 tank replica was in the WW1 hall, so I took lots of pictures! It is a copy of one of only 20 or so A7Vs that were made, and even when you are standing next to it looks very realistic. In fact it is entirely made of wood on a tractor chassis - the driver sits at the back (as he would on a tractor) and has to steer by TV camera looking out of the front! I took some photos of one or two other WW1 items in the museum such as the Rolls Royce Armoured car and the Graincourt German 77mm Gun (captured by the British in 1917). These are attached, together with some more photos of our game.



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