Tuesday, 25 March 2014

A day in the Salient, Part One

Last weekend en route to see our friends at the TSA club in Antwerp we took the opportunity of a very early ferry crossing to stop off and explore some areas of the Ypres salient. We wanted to go to some places we hadn't been to before and to a museum that had been re-done, so our route took us to Kemmel south of Ypres where we visited the bunkers on the Lettenberg near Locre and the re-constructed German trenches at Bayernwald, and then to the now extended museum at Zonnebeke.

I took lots of photos of course and will post some in sequence. Firstly the bunkers on the Lettenberg - these were British command and first aid bunkers from 1917 at a point that was then well behind the lines. From the top of the Lettenberg (which didn't have trees then!) the view over the Salient is amazing - you can see all the way to Diksmude in one direction and Passchendaele in the other.

Here's some pictures of the bunkers:

And here's the view of Kemmel from the top of the Lettenberg;

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