Thursday, 13 June 2013

Pictures from Broadside 2013

We had a really good day on Sunday - if you came along to the show and said hello to us it was great to see you!

Broadside is certainly growing as a show, there was more space to move around than other shows of similar size and having the games and traders in two halls helped too. It was a very busy day, although we did manage to get a few turns of the game in too!

As well as gaming and chatting to other gamers shows are of course for buying, and I picked up some of the excellent Early War Minatures trenches. If you haven't seen these yet they are well worth checking out - you'll see more of them on the blog when they're done!

In the meantime, here's some more pictures of "Miracle of the Marne"



  1. It was great to meet up again, albeit briefly (we were both very busy on Sunday!). I've posted a few of my own pictures of your game on my blog here if your interested.

  2. Thanks Lee, it was good to see you too! it was a very busy day but at least we did get a chance to say hello!