Thursday, 24 January 2013

Portuguese in the Trenches

As well as working on the fortified farm, I've been doing some work on the first pieces of the new linked trench system from Early War Minatures. This looks to be an exciting range, with trenches with dugouts available now and the promise of both British and German trenches to come. The trenches, which are vacform, link up very well using an innovative magnet system, although I haven't used this as I have based mine on 2mm MDF because I usually artex my vacform pieces.

I have added extra sandbags from air-dried clay, and will do some trench bridges to cover the slight gaps where the trenches join.

Occupying the trenches in the pictures are the first figures completed from my 1917/18 Portuguese army for the Western Front, using HaT British (ok, Canadian!) infantry and Portuguese figures from the range by Lancer Minatures, which are very good too and well worth checking out.

Lewis gun team get ready to fire


  1. First time I've seen someone fielding WWI Portuguese. They look marvellous!

  2. Thanks very much! I thought it would make something different, and the poor old Portuguese did play a major role in the Battle of the Lys. Now that Lancer make the figures in the fluted helmet they are practical to do and just add something to the table.